Complete Health Pass
 for Maritime
Welcome to Complete Health Pass, the one app that enables ships to easily, efficiently, and seamlessly engage new passengers and reunite with repeat passengers to finally set sail again!  All health data is consolidated immediately for compliance with HIPAA, PHIPA, GDPR, FFCRA, OSHA, CDC, WHO and other regulatory agencies.


The Complete Health Pass Mobile App interface is simplified so that registration and check-ins are easy to complete for everyone that works with you, needs to come aboard, or wants to set sail again. Reservation and/or Property Management System Administrators receive near real-time updates on the health status of everyone preparing to board your ships and are immediately informed if there is a health risk, enabling them to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases on board.  System integrations are completed in days to weeks, not months.

How does it work?


  • Questionnaires | Check-In Questions

Users simply check-in on their mobile devices and report whether or not they are Symptomatic, Exposed or have a health risk by answering customized questions provided by each Cruise Line or Ship.  If they are symptomatic and/or exposed, then they receive a “Deny or Pause Entry” status and System Administrators are notified immediately and all integrated systems are updated.  


  • Test Results

Everyone can submit test results, in just minutes, prior to setting sail.  Self-administered tests, Lab-based results, or Tele-health Proctoring Integrations simplify this complex process.

  • Vaccines

Vaccines & Boosters validity and efficacy are tracked with deadlines & booster notifications.

  • Quarantines/Isolations

Every organization struggles to manage and monitor quarantines and isolations. Use Complete Health Pass to alleviate this burden and help you manage your staffing and passenger quarantine or isolation management.


  • Boarding Rules / Decision Trees

Cruise Lines can customize the questions asked and what the acceptable requirements are for boarding your ships.  These are all easily customizable and changeable in this ever-changing environment.


  • Notifications

Symptomatic, Exposure, Health Risk and/or Positive Test Result Notifications are sent in near real-time to Reservation & Property Management System Administrators via Mobile Push Notifications & Email and integrated systems are updated in near real-time.

Complete Health Pass also has a maritime division for reunification with staff, vendors, and more!