Complete Health Pass 

for K-12 Schools


Welcome to Complete Health Pass, the one app that enables schools to easily and efficiently reunite with staff, vendors, students, parents, visitors and more.  All health data is consolidated for compliance with HIPAA, PHIPA, GDPR, OSHA, Worker's Comp, EEOC, FFCRA, and other regulatory agencies.


The Complete Health Pass Mobile App interface is simplified so that registration and daily check-ins are easy to complete for everyone that needs to attend or visit your facilities. School & School District Administrators receive near real-time updates on the health status of everyone preparing to enter and are immediately informed if there is a health risk, enabling them to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.

How does it work?

  • Questionnaires | Check-In Questions

Users simply check-in on their mobile devices and report whether or not they are symptomatic, exposed, or have any health risk by answering customized questions provided by the school or school district.  Allow, Pause and Deny entry statuses are determined by a culmination of factors based on each District's Decision Trees.


Parents are also notified immediately if students report symptoms so that they can confirm the health status of their children.


  • Test Results

Anyone required to submit test results can easily do so, every time they are tested.  Schools can also import all test results from the labs or POCs they work with.  Testing Schedules & Notifications keep everyone in check when it's time to test. 

  • Vaccinations|Boosters

Enter Vaccinations & Boosters and compare with symptoms, exposures, and testing requirements to determine each person's entry status and quarantine results. 

  • Quarantines/Isolations

Every school struggles to manage and monitor quarantines and isolations. Use Complete Health Pass to alleviate this burden and help you manage  your staffing and student attendance saving you hundreds-to-thousands of hours/work/month.

  • Entry Rules

School District Administrators customize the questions asked and what the acceptable requirements are for entry based on their regulatory-based and/or their own decision trees. These are all customizable and changeable in this ever-changing environment.


  • Notifications

Health Risk Notifications are sent in near real-time to System Administrators and Parents via Mobile Push Notifications and Email.