COMPLETE HEALTH PASS v1.8 / Insiders' View / April 2021

Improved "Test Results" Feature

SUPERVISED/RESULTED: Many of our clients have requested a more powerful "Test Results" feature so that they can add and/or differentiate between a Lab-Validated Test, a Supervised-Resulted Test, or a Self-Validated Test after using any PCR or Rapid Antigen Test available to them. If you have an onsite supervisor or TeleHealth Medical Professional checking Rapid Antigen Test Results, then this feature is for you!

MORE TEST DETAILS: Good2BeBack has partnered with DermaCare Biosciences (EasyRapidNow) to bring several new features to the app. Now system users can record all of the important details of the tests they have taken (test name, type, method, ID#, validation, etc.) and save them in their Test History.


  • In Addition to all of the new test details, DermaCare Biosciences was also responsible for working with us to enable system users to automatically generate "Test Documentation" (in the form of a PDF) for each test they take. This documentation is then securely stored in the Test History areas of the Mobile Apps (Apple & Android) for the system users and on the Web App for System Administrators. Need to travel or move about? This new feature enables system users to keep and/or share the proof of their COVID-19 testing status, anytime, anywhere.

  • But wait, there's more! Good2BeBack has also partnered with Your Health Pro to enable Lab and Point of Care (POC) Facilities to import thousands of test results (and details) directly into the app from a secure interface created just for Medical Professionals. Now Schools and Businesses can rely on these facilities to provide this enormous amount of important data in just seconds.

Adopt our Quarantine Management Feature Now!

  • March 2021; G2BB v1.7:If you haven't implemented our new Quarantine Management feature, LET'S GET IT GOING NOW!Remember, if you are a current COMPLETE HEALTH PASS Client, this feature is 100% free to you! You asked for it, we built it ...and now that you have reopened or are preparing to reopen... you can put aside those manual efforts (spreadsheets, whiteboards, paper) and we'll do all the hard work for you, seamlessly, based on YOUR Quarantine Rules.No mistakes keeps you and those in your care safer!Just contact us at to schedule time with us to implement this feature for you.Takes about 1 hour.

Other New Features Now Available in 2021

  • February 2021; G2BB v1.6: Spanish is now available to all system users on Mobile, on bothApple and Android! This is an automated feature available to anyone that is more comfortable reading the apps' features, history, and notifications in Spanish rather than English. Simply go to the "Profile Button" then "Settings" then "Change Language" and Spanish is delivered in just seconds. Need another language? Please contact us at!

  • January 2021; G2BB v1.5:Vaccines. Hoping your staff, students, guests, etc. may Vaccinate against COVID-19?Then our Vaccination Module helps you determine who has and who has opted out.Mandatory or Optional... either way... it's good to know and extremely simple to use.You may now move about the cabin!Need more info? Please contact us at 800-458-4020 or!

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