Complete Health Pass is the most TESTED & SECURE Infectious Disease Risk Management application on the market today AND has also partnered with experienced Labs, POC providers and more to provide our customers with:

  1. Onsite Testing (PCR or POC)

  2. Rapid Testing (Home Use)

Now Good2BeBack offers everything you need to bring your staff, customers, vendors, students, etc. back to work, school and life.

  • Symptom Data Management 

  • Test Result Data Management

  • Vaccine Confirmations

  • Quarantines / Isolations

How to Get Started:


1) Schedule a 30 minute meeting with our team by clicking here: 


2) Adopt Complete Health Pass and Set Up Your Account


3) Notify "users" that it's time to start using Complete Health Pass to enter your facilities

(offices, schools, job sites, cruises, flights, events, restaurants, gyms, etc.)


4) Users download the app for free from the Apple   App Store or the Google   Play Store, register for free, link to your organization for free, and start sharing their health status with you... for free. 


5) Watch your dashboard daily to look for "Immediate Threats" (but you also get notifications in near-real time).