COMPLETE Health Pass is the most TESTED & SECURE

Infectious Disease Risk Management system on the market today.


The system aligns with each customers' unique "decision trees" and complex

regulatory compliance requirements, providing them with a product

that consolidates and manages all of the important, time-consuming details,

that are needed to stay in compliance, saving them hundreds-to-thousands of


In addition to our world-class software, we have partnered with

experienced Labs & POC providers, Proctors, Test Suppliers and more to provide our

customers with:

  1. Onsite Testing (Lab or POC)

  2. Tele-Health Proctored Testing

  3. Self-Administered Rapid Testing (Home Use)

Now Good2BeBack offers everything you need to bring your staff,

customers, vendors, students, etc. back to work, school and life.

  • Symptom Data Management 

  • Exposure | Close Contact Data Management
    (including "masked vs unmasked" and
     "exposure location")

  • Test Results History & Requirements Data Management

  • Test Scheduling & Test Data Management

  • Vaccine & Booster Confirmations

  • Quarantines | Isolations


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