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Download Subway Surfers for Android

Subway Surfers is a dynamic game that describes the teenage years. The main character is an ordinary guy who likes to draw graffiti, but you can't do it at all, so he tried to draw stealthily on the wagons. But here's the trouble, a guard with a dog discovered him and now he has to run away. Jump over trains, cars and other obstacles to get away from the pursuit. It's only once you stumble and trouble will catch up with you.


In fact, you will have to run endlessly and there is no way to get away from the chase. The main objective of the player - to collect as many points as possible, thus each time setting a new record. If you try hard - will get to the table of leaders of the world. At the beginning of points will run very slowly. But time after time, with dexterity you'll get them faster.

Use different boosters in the form of a skateboard or jetpack. They will allow you to get more coins and save the main character from collisions during the escape. To recover from a setback, you need to use a key. If you do not have enough of them, you can download the hacked version, where everything will be unlimited. With a lot of money you can buy a lot of skateboards or other items, they will help to gain the record as quickly as possible.


Click download Subway Surfers for Android to control the main character. There are no joysticks and control buttons. Wave your finger up and make a jump, put your finger down to skip between the barriers with a somersault. Movements on the sides are done in a similar way. The application came out a long time ago, but so far the graphics are striking and attract a lot of attention. The developers are adding different features with each update, including interesting Easter eggs during the holidays.


The music here has not changed since the release, but it is very dynamic and makes you move. You clearly won't fall asleep while running. Do not turn off the sound and use it as an invigorating pill. Remember that the longer the kid gets away from the chase, the faster the trains and everything around will start moving. You'll have to use maximum reaction and attention. Try to avoid hopeless situations where the train can not go around and jump over. Stay on top of the tracks at all times.

Download Subway Surfers for Android

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