Complete Health Pass is the most accessible, reliable,  effective, affordable, easy-to-use, secure Infectious-Disease Risk Management Solution on the market today for individuals, businesses, employers, schools, event providers, health care facilities, long-term care facilities, recreational providers, restaurants, gyms, travel and more.​

Complete Health Pass Enables you to

Collect, Manage & Monitor:

  1. Symptoms

  2. Exposures | Close Contact

  3. Test Results

  4. Test Scheduling

  5. Testing Interfaces:

    • Self-Administered​

    • Tele-Health Proctoring

    • Labs

  6. Vaccines & Boosters

  7. Quarantines / Isolations

Use Good2BeBack to:

  • HELP STOP the spread of Disease within your organization

  • SEND Alerts & Notifications regarding any Immediate Health Threats

  • HELP STOP Intermittent Shutdowns

  • MITIGATE Regulatory Agency Audits & Fines

  • AUTOMATES health documentation and keeps it safe in a HIPAA-Compliant system that you can manage in minutes, not hours or days.

Perfect in an imperfect world.